3 Roll East/West Toilet Tissue Dispenser


  • Strong construction with no moving parts - maximum security against vandalism
  • Dispensing roll must be finished before new roll is accessed - no wastage making it cost effective
  • The new toilet roll moves into place and ejects the empty core - making it simple to use
  • Can be custom made to your core size - so you can lock out competitors
  • Compact - perfect in tight gaps where a horizontal fit is preferred
  • Simple to use - with easy access to paper
  • Toilet rolls are protected from contamination - they always stay clean, dry and hygienic
  • High capacity - holds up to 3 standard rolls
  • Toilet rolls are securely locked inside unit - eliminating pilferage cost
  • Visi slots indicate when servicing is needed - making it easier for servicing staff
  • Available in two finishes - white (230W) and clear (230B)
  • Manufactured from long-lasting ABS

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Model 230W

230 B

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Model 230B

Product ID Height Width Depth Units/container
230W & 230B 205mm / 8.07" 365mm / 14.37" 150mm / 5.90" 3000