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Interfold Hand Towel Dispensers

MODELS - 740 & 750

Interfold Hand Towel Dispensers


  • Dispenses a fresh, clean towel every time - hygienic, no cross contamination
  • Large capacity - "Maxi" will hold up to a massive 750 sheets
  • A number of different unit sizes - to suit all sizes of restrooms and work areas, from the smallest to the largest
  • Low cost portion control - Take no more sheets than are required
  • Interfold models available in two sizes - see table below to compare towel specifications

Click the links below to take you to the other models:
SuperSlim Models or Slim Models

Model numbers Folded towel depth Approx capacity
Mini Interfold 740
Maxi Interfold 750
14cm (5.5")
14cm (5.5")
450 Sheets
750 Sheets

Specifications/Shipping Details:

Model numbers Unit dimensions Units per 20' container
740 Width: 280mm / 11.02"
Depth: 165mm / 6.50"
Height: 280mm / 11.02"
750 Width: 280mm / 11.02"
Depth: 165mm / 6.5"
Height: 400mm / 15.75"

Mini Interfold Hand Towel Dispenser
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Model (740)

Maxi Interfold Hand Towel Dispenser
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Maxi Model (750)

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